Made entirely from platinum silicone that’s 100 percent BPA and phthalates free, these Monee baby spoons are soft on baby’s gums, making for a great starter spoon.

This spoon even doubles as a teether and has a textured nubby end to chew and gnaw as your little one’s teeth start breaking through. Its medium-long handle allows parents to feed their child or even works for baby-led weaning.

Considerations: Some parents note that these spoons are very bendy and tend to allow babies to fling purées all over the place. Others say the silicone stains over time, especially with orange purées.

Buy Monee Silicone baby spoons online.

Best eco-friendly baby spoon Avanchy Stainless Steel
Price: $$$

There isn’t any plastic in the construction of these spoons from Avanchy. Instead, they’re made from durable stainless steel and silicone. They have a short and wide handle that’s great for older babies and toddlers who are learning to self-feed. Reviewers like the size of the spoons and that they’re deep and hold more food than others of similar size.

Considerations: Overall, the reviews of these spoons are favorable. Still, they are made from metal and may not feel the best against raw gums. And they’re definitely on the expensive side.

Buy Avanchy Stainless Steel baby spoons online.

Best organic baby spoon Bambusi Natural Bamboo
Price: $$

Bambusi baby spoons are designed to be used from the time you introduce solids until your baby is older. They’re made from organic bamboo and soft silicone that comes in a variety of gender-neutral colors. Reviewers like that these spoons are compact, flexible, and able to get food out of the tight corners of jars.

Considerations: While many parents love these spoons, some note that the silicone part can come off the bamboo handle, making them a possible choking hazard. So, be sure to supervise meal time (always!). And several other reviewers say the spoon part that goes into baby’s mouth is better suited for older babies or toddlers.

Buy Bambusi Bamboo Natural baby spoons online.

Best baby spoon for self-feeding NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils
Price: $$$

These spoons may look a little funky, but there’s a reason for their unique design. First off, the flat handle and head allow your baby to hold it any way they like without the need to balance or scoop. And the manufacturer claims that these are doctor recommended for baby-led weaning (ages 6 to 18 months).

They work with stage 1 and 2 purées and also with preloading of table food. And rest assured they’re made from silicone that is 100 percent free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Considerations: Reviewers like the one-piece, easy-to-clean construction of these spoons. They do say, though, that they’re smaller than most infant spoons and most babies prefer to use them as teethers or toys. And a couple people said the spoons fell apart with time, so they may not be the longest lasting for the price.

Buy NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils online.

Best heat sensor baby spoon Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons
Price: $$

Munchkin’s heat sensing spoons have been around for quite some time. They’re a popular choice among parents because the colorful tips turn white when food is at over above 110°F (43.3°C).

The tapered heads of these brightly colored spoons are soft and made to fit into small mouths. Reviewers say these spoons are affordable and functional without frills, and like that they’re dishwasher safe (top rack).

Considerations: A few people mention that the head of the spoon is quite shallow and doesn’t carry much food, which might be best suited for younger babies. Several say that the colorful tips stain and that the white hot features tends to be quite sensitive (meaning foods that only seem warm to the touch may set it off).

Buy Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons online.

Best baby spoon set Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons (12-pack)
Price: $

The thing is, you feed your baby a lot of meals. This means you’re constantly using, washing, and — of course — losing spoons. This set of 12 baby spoons by Munchkin comes out to around $.66 per spoon. They’re colorful and made from BPA-free plastic with a rounded tip. Reviewers say the spoons are well made and a good value.

Considerations: These spoons have rave reviews from parents, but a few warn that if your baby likes to bite down on them, they’ll probably not last very long. And a few people say that the rounded tip of the spoon doesn’t have a soft edge, so it may be uncomfortable against tender gums.

Buy Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons (12-pack) online.

Best budget-friendly baby spoon The First Years Take & Toss Infant Spoons (16-pack)
Price: $

At around 18 cents a spoon, the Take & Toss spoons by First Years are by far the cheapest option out there. They are made from BPA-free plastic and are durable enough to use time and time again, but inexpensive enough to make tossing OK if necessary.

Reviewers like these spoons for taking out to restaurants and say they have a smooth tip and handle that’s comfortable for both adults and babies.

Considerations: These spoons are extremely basic, so there’s no added functionality, like teething or folding or bending. Reviewers generally like these spoons, but several people mention the head is very small and doesn’t carry much food. Others share the spoons really aren’t easy for babies to use for self-feeding due to the long handle.

Buy The First Years Take & Toss Infant Spoons (16-pack) online.

Best bendable baby spoon Novos Spoon Fork Set
Price: $$$

These super-satisfying bendable spoons by Novos are made with a steel wire inside soft, BPA-free thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene plastic. Reviewers share that the spoon works at any angle and can bend as much or as little as you like. This spoon is only sold as part of a set and comes with a fork for more mealtime fun and learning as well as a carrying case for toting out and about.

Considerations: Several parents mention that the spoon (and fork) tends to bend when babies try to spear food, making self-feeding difficult. Others say their babies prefer silicone over this spoon’s hard plastic tip. And overall, people say these utensils are better for older babies and toddlers due to their somewhat large size.

Buy the Novos Spoon Fork Set online.

Best baby spoon for travel OXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon
Price: $$

Many spoons you’ll find come with travel cases, but the OXO Tot travel spoon is particularly compact and easy to toss into a diaper bag. The tip is made from food-safe silicone and has a contoured handle that makes scooping and serving comfortable and easy at any angle. Reviewers like the narrow head of the spoon, especially for smaller infants.
For more information please visit:

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    Just as parents emerge from the blur of the newborn phase and start getting into the swing of things, teething seems to come along and ruin any plans for regular sleep. Teething can be one of the most challenging aspects of raising a baby and is the leading cause of night waking from six months to age two. Some babies can go through teething with little to no symptoms while others will show signs of fever, runny nose, drooling, and feeding strikes along with sleep disruption. Having the right baby teether toys on hand can help.

    What are Baby teethers?

    Baby teething toys are infant toys used to soothe babies’ gums as primary teeth start coming in. Babies love to put almost anything in their mouths, but some toys present a choking hazard or contain harmful chemicals like lead, heavy metals, phthalates, latex, cadmium, and BPA. When it comes to choosing toys for babies, safety should always come first. Some of the safest products are teething toys made of silicone, 100% natural rubber, organic cotton, and unpainted wood. And as with all things baby might put in their mouth, it is important to find products that are easy to clean and sterilize.

    When to use Baby teethers?

    Babies typically begin teething between the ages of six months to eight months old. But it isn’t the same for everyone. Some infants are born with teeth and others will not get their first tooth until 12 to 14 months old. Usually, the front two bottom teeth (lower incisors) come in first. The follows the front two top teeth (upper incisors). Then the pattern typically follows with the other incisors and the upper and lower molars. Finally the canines come through and the upper and lower second molars are typically last. Most children have all 20 primary teeth in place by the age of two and a half years old.

    What are the benefits of baby teethers?

    Teethers give infants something durable and safe to chew and suck on. And when light pressure is applied to tender gums it can soothe the pain and irritation. Babies can start to feel better and teething toys can make the entire teething process a little easier for everyone.

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